Thursday, 28 December 2017

Week 1:Changes

hi and welcome to my first sims 3 blog! i have a sims 2 and 4 blog but that don't matter right now anyway i've started a legacy challenge and i've got most of the NRAAS features installed.lets start!

 here blar and cyl0n3 just got married,how nice
 boyd just casually planted his seed inside susan
and now cycl0n3 will do the same...but with blair not susan !

and a few minutes after that i get the NRAAS message that pauline wan and hank goddard broke up oh dear isn't that a shame i don't think i've ever had a save where they have actually stayed together although pauline is the town bike...

these two remind me of herbert and faith goodie from sims 2 anyone else get these vibes?

oh and i've decided to make erin kennedy the mistress yep it'll be a child with boyd and cycl0n3!

 erin is contemplating her life
 she decides to go lesbian and woohoos with susan and...
yes mrs.goth one way to ruin canon

oh and apparently VJ alvi has been bullying the bunch kids,and marty keaton is the cassanova and jamie jolina is a tart.

everyone has been having raises and promotions too

there was a fire but erin must have put it out since you can see in the corner they got fined.

yay erin and iqbals baby! hes called milo milo kennedy :)

and then erin got impregnated by cycl0n3

this is something i'll love so much!

the first generation 3 dang3r0us Sw0rd is born! she is loner and grumpy while milo is excitable and athletic.
 its so creepy how the firefighter is just watching them...0_0
at this point i discovered boyd is in fact pregnant!

 susan gives birth to soys her and boyds son
 the battle for the crib

erin and cycl0n3s daughter eileen

 cyclone has an affair with emma hatch;they later have a son cecil
 blair has their next daughter sand5t0rm
 erin has an affair with jack
 a random picture

 milo grows up and then plays with blair awww
 boyds daughter stella is born

erin and jacks twins denise and randall are born

oh and have i mentioned that if a kid is born and one of the parents live elsewhere? i send them to live with the other parent afterall having about 12 kids in one house isn't good...of course i could put the kids who are not heirs into a household the parent is friends with but naa the generations might get smaller anyway...
 were they so cheap they couldn't put the kids in separate cribs?

 iqbal and erin cuteness!
 susan turned invisible...
 but it was fixed after putting her son to bed,i'm guessing soyd is not as innocent as he seems...
 sand5t0rm sw0rd
 the infamous soyd..
and erin and cycl0n3s daughter eileen

now erin is married to iqbal but they dont live together you wouldnt know this straight away since she is always at his house

 naughty cycl0n3 ! this is the THIRD time! first erin then emma hatch then this unwanted girl!
 iqbal was talking about baby bottles and then sunshine so i presumed he wanted more kids in his retirement
 erin,your toddler son does not want to see...that!
well at least she put some clothes on

well it was fun and i will be taking votes for the heir,i'd personally want boyds alien daughter stella but she doesnt have the wainwright surname and its a possible patriarchy,tatty bye for now!


  1. Also for heir you could do the hunger games to decide heir for the legacy

  2. that sounds good considering that there is about 8 and there will be like 3 heirs for each generation